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Infrastructure to BUILD, MONITOR and GROW your project in Cosmos.

Scalable infrastructure to build Cosmos apps fast and easy.

Numia is an on-chain Data Indexer and RPC provider that gives you the infrastructure to build apps fast and easy.

You can forget about managing complicated infrastructure or running complicated RPC queries for things that should be simple.

Numia does this for you.


SQL Access

RPC Access

Advanced API

Query on-chain data

Run SQL queries across all Cosmos chains to run analytics for your app and the whole ecosystem.

Scalable and fast RPCs

Distributed RPC nodes for all Cosmos chains so that you can focus on product. Scalable, reliable and fast.

Aggregated API endpoints

A suite of API endpoints that will save you hours of development and complex calculations.

Built for all types of projects

App Chains

Extend your chain functionality with powerful Analytics and reliable APIs


Forget about managing your own infrastructure and focus on building a great wallet experience.


Measure delegator loyalty and build tools to engage with them.


Dive deep into Cosmos on-chain data and run complex analysis.


Access on-chain data and necessary infrastructure.

Smart Contracts

Obtain on-chain data and get custom endpoints for your smart contract.

Defi Apps

Forget about complex RPC queries and request all data from one single platform.

IBC Apps

The most comprehensive data set for IBC chains and scalable IBC infrastructure.

Cosmos Chains we support

More Coming Soon

Built to meet the needs of teams.

Designer Plan

A complete solution for creative minds, with all the tools and resources needed to bring design ideas to life.

Marketing Plan

A powerful suite of tools, to help you reach your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

Developer Plan

A comprehensive platform for developers, offering a wide range of tools and resources to create and maintain top-notch applications.


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“Experience hassle-free support with our prompt and knowledgeable support team, always ready to assist you.”

John Doe, Operations Manager at eBooks

“Our support team is just a phone call away and always ready to provide quick solutions to your queries.”

John Doe, Operations Manager at eBooks